What Kind of Woman Are You According To the Month In Which You Are Born?

The month in which you were born can tell a lot about your character and your personality, so what don’t you go ahead and find out more about yourself or your closest ones.


Women born at the beginning of the year, in January are gifted with great ambition but are a bit more serious and conservative. They can also be very critical and reluctant to open up and talk about their emotions. If you want your January born woman to let you in and open up you need to show her that you are on the same page in life and that you can challenge her on an intellectual level.


Women born in February are hopeless romantics and they need a patient approach. They’re often misunderstood mostly because they’re incredibly moody. February born women are known to have a bit of an abstract flow of thoughts and can be difficult to comprehend. The one thing you need to know about them is that if they feel betrayed they’ll walk away and never look back.


March born ladies are incredibly charismatic and charming. They are also very loyal and dedicated, but they don’t easily fall in love. You’ll be living in paradise and enjoy their cuteness and charm until you’ve upset them, but once you do they can be a real nightmare.


Women born in April are very communicative and real diplomats. Interaction with other people, even if they’re complete strangers, comes naturally for them. They are known to be jealous and can even burst out in rage over the smallest thing in which case you’re better living them alone. However, these ladies can make you the happiest man on the planet and open up completely if you earn their trust. Just try not to lose it!


If your woman is born in May you should probably know that they are loyal to a fault to their principles and nothing can change this fact. They’re beautiful and attractive but can have a difficult character, which is a dangerous combination, especially for the person falling for them.


June born women are creative, curious and social. They have a small fault, which is speaking before they think it through, but they also feel that it’s always best to tell the truth in someone’s face rather than go behind their back. They are honest and not afraid to show it. Be careful if you’re falling for a June woman, she can be a dangerous partner and you can easily become her toy without even realizing it.


Women born in July are honest, mysterious, beautiful and very intelligent. They avoid conflicts and are very polite to everyone. Besides, you can easily lose them forever, but if you cheat on them they will never forget.


Women born in August have a unique character, a mix of self-centeredness and big heart. You’re better off not messing with them because they are bound to win. They have an extraordinary sense of humor, but if you mock them they won’t like it and will turn back at you in a flash. They’re used to being in the center of attention. They’re turning heads and loving every minute of it.


September born women are kind, beautiful and disciplined, but if you betray them they’ll never forgive you. Make sure you don’t hurt them because they will get you back. They are looking for long, stabile relationships so if you want a one-night stand don’t go to a September born lady. When it comes to their partners they can set their standards high and be very critical. But if you pass their expectations you’re in for a treat.


October women are strong character, very emotional, but they never reveal their emotions in front of other people. They are very clever, and don’t open up on to everyone, because they are aware that people have been known to abuse their trust. All other women are envious at their strong will and character.


Women born in November are always one step ahead of the others, and can recognize a lie from a mile away. Never toy with a woman born in November because you’ll end up crying. However, if you’re not ready to hear the truth, don’t ask for their opinion.


December born women tend to be impatient, but luckily they always seem to manage to get out of any situation as winners. They are real party pleasers and can get you in the mood. They’re outgoing and communicative and have an open heart, which can get them hurt more often than not.

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