The Benefits Of Bitter Melon Or Bitter Gourd

Biter melon, ugh! Every kid dislikes this, just like the broccoli. But, this is healthy and good. We do not just want to promote this bumpy cucumber in many meals, but really it is beneficial.

I also disliked veggies when I was young, but then I realized that veggies can eb tasty if cooked in the right way and not overcooked, salted, grey and wilted. What matters is the way you cook the food. Veggies are not a chore, if made with the right meal and method. Have more veggies in every meal!

The bitter melon is a good addition to meals. People usually crave salty and fatty foods like pork, caramel, chocolate or basically any tasty fattening food like even chips and Chinese dishes! But with fresh veggies in such dishes you can get the best of the food.

This veggie we talk about is traumatic for kids and adults even since it is never cooked the right way, just that. Split it in half, scrape the middle with a spoon and get that tissue. Be careful here to take it all out and the bitterness will be gone. Slice it now thin and let the leftovers sit in the fridge.

Cook it with eggs, beef or veggies and the taste will be great. It will be bitter, but just a bit for good taste balance. If it is still harsh bitter, add some sweetener like palm sugar, coconut sugar and such.

This is even called a super food since it has benefits.

  • 438 IU vitamin A turned to beta-carotene, 9% of average daily need
  • 78 mg vitamin C or 130% daily needs.
  • 95 mcg vitamin K turned to K2 (for calcium absorbing) when the veggie is fermented
  • 73 mcg vitamin B1 thiamin
  • 73 mcg B2 riboflavin
  • 372 mcg B3 niacin
  • 40 mcg B6
  • 67 mcg folate
  • 197 mcg pantothenic acid B5. This is all crucial for the whole B complex group since the B vitamins process and convert the fats/carbs/proteins to glucose energy source. They are all metabolized and used for many aims. The B complex is vital for overall health, mental and physical.
  • 400 mcg iron
  • 18 mcg calcium
  • 15 mcg magnesium
  • 29 mcg phosphorus
  • 275 mg potassium
  • 7 mcg sodium
  • 744 mcg zinc
  • 32 mcg copper

You see there are many benefits of this bitter melon that even can help in fatigue and anemia. Also the heart gets healthier, the vessels, nerves, muscles, bones all due to B complex that keeps the DNA safe and healthy.

This veggie, in the end, proves to be great and healthy. If you feel sick or hungover, take bitter melon. It pairs great with beef and pork but also eggs. Add it in anything since it is cooked fast and in a minute, toss in also some garlic, onions or protein, also green beans, leafy greens or tomatoes.



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