She Fed Her Husband Two Spoonfuls of This, Twice a Day, and His Alzheimer’s Went Away!

This article is about a woman who managed to cure her husband from Alzheimer’s disease with a very simple remedy! She gave him two tablespoons of organic coconut oil every day, two times a day. In only 2 months, the man could recognize faces again! He even managed to speak to his family like they used to! His condition improved with every day and soon, he was able to read again and improve his overall cognition.

Here’s their incredible story:

Facts about Alzheimer’s disease

Fact 1

Alzheimer’s disease got the name from Dr. Alois Alzheimer. While doing some researches in 1906, Dr. Alzheimer examined the brain tissue of a woman who they then claimed had died of a very unusual mental illness. Dr. Alzheimer noticed some unusual changes in her brain tissue. The woman had symptoms like: language problems, memory loss, but also some strange and unpredictable behavior. Her brain tissues had numerous abnormal clumps which doctors now recognize as amyloid plaques as well as some tangled bundles of fibers which are now called tau, tangles or neurofibrillary.

These clumps and tangles are now considered to be some of the main characteristics of this terrible disease. Other characteristic symptom is the loss of connections between the neurons or otherwise called nerve cells in the brain. Neurons are important because they transmit messages between various parts of the brain. They also transmit them from the brain to all of the muscles and organs in our body.

Fact 2

Alzheimer’s disease is nowadays the sixth leading cause of death in the USA, but it is ranked like that as a cause of death in old people. According to some recent estimates, it is the third leading cause. The first two include heart disease and cancer.

Fact 3

Alzheimer’s can be encountered in older people and is one of the most common causes of dementia. Dementia signifies the loss of remembering, reasoning, cognitive functioning-thinking as well as behavioral abilities. It disturbs the person’s everyday life and activities.

Dementia can be mild, but it can also be severe and make the patient depend on other people for every essential activity. Dementia can be caused by various things and it mostly depends on the types of brain changes that occur there.

Coconut oil research

According to a study of the Neurobiology of Aging from 2004, coconut oil is proved to be very good for the processes of cognition and memory. 20 people were included in the study. They received coconut and placebo. After only an hour and a half passed, the people who took coconut had more beta-hydroxybutyrate or otherwise known as beta OHB which is the most important ketone.

Before the experiment as well as the blood testing all of the people fasted and ‘starved’. 40 ml was the average dose the people received.

Another neurologist called Dr. David Perlmutter, claimed that what should be blamed for Alzheimer’s is the ingesting loads of carbs as well as the avoidance of fats.



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