How to fall asleep In 60 second

Sleep is a normal life process. By sleeping, the body and organs are resting from the hard day-to-day work. Sleeping is especially important for the brain and its functionality.

However, excessive stress, anxiety, depression, and the feeling of some physical pain leads to insomnia.

Insomnia is a dangerous condition if it is long lasting, and leaves the consequences for the whole organism.

Here are what problem can cause long term insomnia:
High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease,High blood pressure, Weight gain, Weight loss, Increased risk of cancer and diabetes, Reduces Immune System Function, Increased headaches , Inability to Manage Stress, Irritability, Lack of concentration, Loss of memory …

As you can see, the list of effects of insomnia is quite big, that is why is important to resolve as quickly as you can. The sleeping pills are not good choice, since the can offer temporarily solution. On other hand they cause addiction.

The following methodology is a simple and natural technique, where you only use your body and breathing to return to a relaxed state, which is necessary for your body to finally fall asleep and rest.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil who is recognized leader in integrated medicine, using a holistic approach can help with problems that affect our mind and body.

He is famous for his relaxation exercise, known as the 4-7-8 method.

One of the biggest problems in falling asleep is lying in bed, trying to rest, but not being able to sleep. The 4-7-8 method was designed to help a person relax in bed, providing a state in which it is easy to fall asleep.

Step 1: Exhale

Take a comfortable position, lying on your bed or a comfortable sofa. Exhale slowly, pursing lips as if to whistle, and making a soft “buzzing” sound.

Step 2: Inhale and count to four

After the exhalation, close your mouth and inhale through the nose, counting to four.

Step 3: Hold your breath and count to seven

Hold your breath and count until seven. If possible, try to hold your breath for seven seconds. If you find this step too difficult, try counting down to a lower number until you can hold your breath until 7.

Step 4: Exhale and count to eight

Exhale the breath you’ve been holding for eight seconds. Gather lips again (whistle) and exhale slowly, counting to eight.

It is important to inhale using your nose and exhale using your mouth. Remember to keep the 4-7-8 ratio when doing this exercise. Do not worry if you do not meet the number requirements the first time.

Repeat the exercise until you are able to follow the 4-7-8 seconds used in the technique.

This relaxes your body and makes you feel sleepy, making it easier to fall asleep.

This technique can be used to simply relax and take a break, calm down after experiencing emotional stress and even control stressful impulses such as overeating. According to Dr. Weil, this technique to stay asleep and relaxed, is a “natural tranquilizer.”

Try to use this exercise at least twice a day. You will realize that the more often you do this exercise, the longer you will be able to hold your breath and a more relaxed state you will be able to maintain.



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