Health Benefits Of Spanish Plum Or Commonly Known As Siniguelas!

Siniguelas or also known as Spanish plum is an effective and exotic antioxidant.
It is a fruit that is derived from Latin America and brought to the island of the Philippines where they have planted and grown on the year 1800.

As of today, Spanish plum can be seen in various number of provinces across the Philippines. The Filipino people usually call this fruit as the “food of the God’s.”

This fruit contains a sweet taste and a little juicy when you eat it. Other people who eats this fruit unripe prefers to match it with a pinch of salt and vinegar.

Siniguelas contains huge number antioxidants that can make your skin look healthy, beautiful and glowing. It has also contains a lot of Vitamin C that can defend you from viral illnesses that you can get from other people such as common cold, cough and fever.

This kind of fruit is not usually being sold in the supermarkets. You can find it in the local stores in the Philippines. And you might want to try it out to enjoy its incredible taste.

People can obtain the amazing benefits from the ingredients of plum stem. Which is known as neocholorogenic acid and cholorogenic acid. This fruit also has the so called phenols that contains a lot of nutrients which are widely documented through a couple of years of study and research.

Here are the surprising health benefits that you can obtain by consuming siniguelas:

Antioxidant Protection

One of the most famous benefits that you can get in this fruit is its ability to prevent the free radicals that causes diseases in humam body. These free radicals are carcinogenic that can lead to cell destruction and will result to damages in the internal organs. The specific nutrients that this fruit is consist of can actually eliminate the superoxide anion radicals that damages fats and some neurons in the brain.

Controlling Cholesterol

This fruit is rich in Vitamin C. And has the ability to stave off oxidized cholesterol from building up in arteries which makes them harder. As a result, spanish plum has become effective in neutralizing illnesses such as hardened arteries or arthroscleorosis, asthma, osteoarthritis, colon cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

Improved Iron Absorption

It improves the ability of human body to obtain bioavailable iron from the foods that we eat. Moreover, the Vitamin C that it contains can actually enhance the body’s natural ability to battle against various kinds of diseases and infection. The individuals who are suffering from lasting diseases especially the children and preganant women are the ones who really benefit from an extra dosage of Vitamin C.

Plums are Rich in Nutrients

Aside of the several numbers of medicinal useful that plums give to people. Also it can provide a huge amount of Vitamin A. It has a already available beta carotene that contains its own health benefits. It is also rich in potassium and dietary fiber.

Prevent Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is known as a condition which is related to age that affects the eyes of an individual. The fragile tissues of the eyes are degenerating because of old age. A person may experience difficulty in seeing things or the worst is to eventually become blind. Research shows that those people who eats at least three servings of siniguelas frequently. They have the ability to fight against macular degeneration. The occurrence of this ailment in those individuals who eats plum has been reported as 36% lower than the general population.

Important Reminder

The seed of this fruit has said to be poisonous but due to its natural hardness, the teeth doesnt have the ability to chew or break it.



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