Doctors Have No Explanation: Combination of 3 Foods to Return Your Vision and Cleanse the Fat from Your Liver

Poor diet, lack of exercise, added stress, and exposure to toxins in the environment are the perfect storm for chronic disease.

However, we have a lot of power over our lifestyle, which means we can avoid most of this needless suffering. Things like stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer can be dramatically lowered according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

According to the CDC:

“Health risk behaviors are unhealthy behaviors you can change. Four of these health risk behaviors—lack of exercise or physical activity, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and drinking too much alcohol—cause much of the illness, suffering, and early death related to chronic diseases and conditions.”

Eating organic, whole healthy foods, regular exercise, and avoiding things like sugar, alcohol, and smoking will skyrocket your health!

The good news is that we discovered a potent combination of 3 foods that will boost your health, vision, and help heal your liver.

Carrot Benefits

Yes, carrots improve the health of our eyes, we have all heard this. But how?

Vitamin A (which is contained in carrots) helps the eye convert light into a signal that can be transmitted to the brain, and if we don’t get enough Vitamin A the cornea can literally disappear, according to Emily Chew, deputy clinical director at the National Eye Institute.

Beet Benefits

  • Cleanses the liver
  • Boosts brain function
  • Loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories
  • Improves circulation
  • Balances blood pressure
  • Boost of energy

Orange Benefits

You get 130& of your vitamin C daily needs, which helps everything in your body. There also a compound in oranges that protects you from stroke, according to the American Heart Association.

Combo-3 Recipe

  • 2 organic carrots
  • 1 organic beet
  • 4 organic oranges


  1. Add the ingredients to the juicer (we recommend this).
  2. Serve immediately.

Drink this once a day the 1st thing when you wake in the morning on an empty stomach.

It will also help keep your colon clean and running optimally.

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