A Woman Set Her Husband On Fire After He Sexually Abused Her 7-Year-Old Daughter!

This shocking news is about a woman who set her husband on fire. The reason she did it? He had sexually abused their daughter who was only seven years old.

The name of this woman is Tatanysha Hedman. Tatanysha discovered that her 52-year-old husband Vincent Phillips sexually abused her daughter, so she decided to take the matters in her own hands and thus set him on fire.

When this happened, Hedman (40) had been waiting for her husband to go to bed, and once he had fallen asleep, she poured some flammable liquid all over him and lit a match. She confessed to the police that she had done this deliberately and added that shooting him with a gun would be ‘too nice’ for him.

Vincent Phillips has survived this and is now charged with sexual crime of first degree. Also, Hedman has been charged for arson and attack.

Numerous people around the country are concerned that Hedman will be punished for her crime of passion. At the moment, she is in jail and is waiting for the court to reach its decision.

What is your opinion? Do you approve of her action? Do you think that her action was wrong or right?

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Source: truefeed.net


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