Instead of planning your daily activities, you should focus on your mind and body in the morning after waking up. According to Randi Ragan, a famous yoga teacher, stretching in the morning is more important than anything else before you start your day. Here are 6 simple stretches which will boost your energy levels and help you start the day properly:

Inhale deeply and put your hands over your head, putting your fingers together and turning the palms to the wall. Straighten your whole body including the feet and toes and hold for 5 seconds. Exhale in the end and repeat the stretch 3 times to relax your body and muscles.

Figure four stretch

Bend your right leg while laying on your back, then put your left foot over your right knee and breathe deeply for 4-5 seconds. Repeat the process with your other leg to improve the lubrication in your joints and glutes.

Bet-to-floor stretch

This stretch will engage your muscles and provide your brain with oxygen as well. To do it, put your feet on the floor and bend your knees, then reach to the floor with your hands and put them over your knees. Make sure to stretch your head down as well.

Knees-to-chest stretch

Lie on your back and bend your knees, then hug them and bring them towards your chest, holding them for at least 10 seconds. This stretch will relax your lower back muscles and help you relax.

Supine twist

Put your arms to the right side of your body, then stretch your legs in the opposite direction and keep your shoulders on the mattress. Hold the position for 10 seconds, then switch sides and repeat the process 3 times. This stretch will boost your spinal muscles and your circulation as well.

Seated forward bend.

Stretch your legs like in the picture above, then inhale and exhale and reach for your toes. Inhale again and stretch further and do 10 repetitions every morning.

These stretches will prepare your body and mind for the day ahead, especially if you’re working inside an office. Try them yourself and you will be amazed by the results!

Source : www.naturehealthandbeauty.com



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