5 Signs To Know That A Stroke Is Coming! This May Save Your Life!

If you ever thought that strokes hit you suddenly, you might want to think again. You can experience a number of symptoms that send you a message of the stroke arriving but you have to be aware and take them seriously.

A stroke represents an issue in which the blood doesn’t flow to the brain and brain cells die off.

It can be caused by hypertension, smoking or high cholesterol all of which are the dangers of the modern time.

Here are the 5 symptoms of stroke:

1. Weak hands

If you feel a tingling sensation in your hands, try pulling them over your head. If something is happening, you will notice by one hand dropping right away.

2. Serious headache

An unexpected, strong headache is definitely a sign of stroke. It is similar to a migraine, but not quite the same. If you experience this, go to the doctor!

3. Confusion

If you are feeling that you can’t understand or even recognize some people, it is probably a sign that something serious is about to happen. React on time!

4. Difficulty talking

It is hard to talk normally and you slur words. Examine yourself by trying to simply repeat what you had just said and decided whether the words are once again slurred.

5. Imbalance

Can’t you walk in a straight line or touch your own nose? It is definitely a sign.

If you experience some of these symptoms if not all, call 911 ASAP!

Source: greentreemedic.com



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