15 Reasons why men prefer women older than 40

Ageism is alive and well in today’s society and unfortunately, it isn’t an issue that’s exactly making headlines in mainstream media. Opportunities being stripped from people of a certain age and discrimination being prevalent in the direction of older folks is an unspoken injustice that’s happening more and more often. Luckily, there is a rose growing from the concrete in regards to that matter because, men are coming out in droves and revealing that they’re more attracted to women in their 40s and up. Take a look at exactly why for yourself.

Embrace Their Bodies

When in their 40s and up have come to terms with their physical appearances and a lot of them hold no shame in their flaws or if they don’t look like the women in magazines. The funny thing about that is that even the women in the magazines don’t look like that.

Embrace Their Bodies Pt. II

Society puts a lot of pressure on women in regards to their looks as it is and a lot of younger women tend to think they need to mirror those on the television screen and become self-conscious for reaching a particular standard of beauty while older women are more likely to be happier in their own skin.

Willingness To Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone

The older we get, the more we realize that there’s only one life to live which is why a lot of younger people, women specifically, aren’t as willing to step out of their comfort zone and venture out to do more. Whether it’s trying new food, doing something you’ve never done before, or a sexual experience some older women are willing to step outside of their comfort zones.


With older women being more comfortable to step outside of their comfort zones, they’re also more willing to let their significant other’s exactly what they want and tell them no as well. While some younger women might be a little more fearful to tell their significant other no in order to protect their partner’s feelings or ego. And we say, to hell with that.

They Know How To Please Their Partners

Let’s face it, women in their 40s and up just have more experience than these young girls do. Whether it’s in regards to preparing their significant other’s favorite meal, knowing exactly how they like their back rubbed, or in the bedroom. Over time, they’ve learned all the right moves to keep their partner satisfied.

Not Afraid To Speak Up

Women that are older know the consequences of their words and aren’t afraid to be vocal in any situation and yet at the same time know exactly when to bite their tongues. This isn’t something that comes naturally it takes time and it takes making mistakes to master this art form and older women have it.

Take Control

Since women in their 40s and up are a lot more knowledgeable and willing to admit exactly what they want, they also aren’t afraid to take the wheel sometimes and take control of a situation and secretly every man is appreciative of this every once in awhile.

Independent Women

Older women most likely haven’t been coddled their entire lives and at some point in time, had to get up and make things work for themselves launching them into independence. A woman who’s got everything she needs is always an extreme turn on for any man.

Ability To Separate Love From Satisfaction

Unfortunately, a lot of young men are wired to have as much fun as possible during the earlier stages of their lives while young women mature faster and want to settle down at a younger age. Fortunately, older women know the difference from a single passionate night and blossoming love while younger women struggle knowing the difference between love and lust.

Better In Relationships

Someone who’s over their 40s has probably been a couple of relationships in their day and probably have reflected back on the characteristics that they valued in their partners and the characteristics they refuse to put up with from their significant others making them way better people to be in relationships with because they know what they want in their own relationship from experience.


Women that have been around for a little while longer than some of these millennials have seen a thing or two in their day and most likely don’t react erratically to something that someone in their 20s might react to. Their sense of level-headedness is unmatched as most older women remain unbothered by a lot.


Some younger women lose sight of what’s ahead and veer off their path at times while older women know what needs to be done in the moment and handle their responsibilities a little more promptly than someone that’s in their 20s and 30s. They get the job done.


We should all have goals and be taking the necessary steps in our lives daily to reach said goals but sometimes the younger crowd isn’t exactly in a rush to get things moving forward and push towards their goals while the older women of the world are working a very strict timeframe. They know what they have to do in order to reach their goals.


Let’s face it, younger people aren’t as smart as they think they are which means they’re not that great at controlling their emotions and tend to offer their friends and colleagues terrible advice while older women have more life experience and can push their significant other/partner in the right direction with a few words of wisdom.

Advice & Perspective

Women over 40 and up tend to have a way with words that isn’t pushy, domineering, or harsh so, they provide excellent advice and perspective on a lot of different topics. Personal experience in combination with their delivery style and caring ways is something every man wants in a partner. With that being said, young girls… It’s time to step your game up.


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