Every day, we are becoming more and more aware of the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Staying in shape is the first step towards becoming healthier, but there are also other dangers around us we must eliminate to stay disease-free. This goes for anything from the cleaning products you use to the sheets you sleep on. We spend a third of our life sleeping, so making your bedroom safer for your health is of big importance.

In order to keep your bedroom clean and yourself safe, you’ll need to clean it of carcinogenic products and carefully choose what you put in. Here are 12 things you need to do to ensure your bedroom is carcinogen-free:

Replace your synthetic pillows and pillow cases with ones made of organic materials

Cotton is the best material for your pillows and bedsheets, but the problem is that it’s grown with a ridiculous amount of pesticides and insecticides as well. This makes it a great danger for our health, which is why you should switch to hemp, wool, cotton or linen sheets and pillows. In fact, you should get rid of every synthetic material in your bedroom, including nylon, polyester and acrylic pieces. These materials release dangerous molecules when heated, which can enter our body and cause a lot of damage.

Replace your artificial clothes

The base of every synthetic material is made of liquid coal or natural gasses. These compounds are sprayed through a nozzle called a spinneret – when the gas or liquid base comes out, it cools down and makes small threads which are woven together to create fabric. Most of your clothes are made from PFC or Teflon, which are quite dangerous. This is why you need to switch to organic material clothes.

Remove the faux furniture

Any faux furniture in your home can put your health in danger. The synthetic leather on your sofa is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which can disrupt your endocrine system and damage your organs. Water-resistant pillows and seating cushions contain toxic materials which can enter your body, and are often treated with ammonia and formaldehyde, which is why you should get rid of them.

Remove particle board and MDF furniture

Furniture made of MDF is pretty popular (and cheap) nowadays, but no one informs their clients of the potential danger that lurks within. MDF is made of shredded wood that is powdered with a mixture made of resins and bonding agents that have been associated with different types of cancer. Formaldehyde is the most dangerous agent being sprayed on MDF – it can do quite a lot of damage to your lungs and cause problems such as asthma.

Particle board furniture is also dangerous as it contains incredibly high levels of formaldehyde, which has been related to throat cancer, allergies and headaches. Several studies have shown that particle board can reduce its toxicity by 25% in 2 months, and 50% in one year. This material needs 10 years to stop the release of chemicals, so make sure to avoid it.

Remove the throw rugs

Tile and wood floors are easy to clean and not dangerous for your health. Rugs, on the other hand, can collect dust and mites as well as other allergens which can irritate your lungs.

Use NO-VOC paint

Non-volatile organic compound paint is best to use when painting your home. VOC paints are unstable and vaporize into the air, releasing compounds which can damage our respiratory system. These chemicals produce ozone when they come in contact with the air, which may cause nausea, breathing problems and headaches.

Shoe-free zone

You should never enter your home with shoes that you wear outside – this allows allergens and dangerous compound to enter your home and endanger your health. Buy a boot or shoe tray and divide your inside and outside shoes.

Minimize the use of electrical devices

Your bedroom should be completely free of electronic devices so you can rest properly. If you have a digital alarm, you should replace it with another that runs on batteries.

Cover or replace your mattress

Mattresses are expensive and contain stain resistant compounds and flame retardants that can damage your health. Buy organic mattresses and replace them more often.

Buy an air cleaner

You should definitely put an air cleanser in your home, and the ones with a HEPA filter are the best. There are also companies which make cleaners suitable for allergic people or those suffering from asthma.

Remove those chemically-treated shades

Drapes and shades should not be allowed in your home – dust, pollen and allergens easily accumulate in them, and they’re also made of chemically-treated materials that can do quite a lot of damage to your health. Try to find drapes made of organic materials or use wood blinds as the best alternative.



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